Ozone Cleaning

How that works


Ozone Cleaning

Whats that?

Ozone is one of the most effective disinfectants. It is spontaneously produced during a thunderstorm during electricitydischarges when ultraviolet rays from the sun hit the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere forming an ozone layer.Chemically, ozone is called O3, and oxygen is called O2. O3 contains three oxygen atoms, while oxygen contains 2 atoms.

How it workes?

It is a very unstable gas, so it only remains free for about 20 minutes before it changes back to O2.Artificially ozone can be produced by passing oxygen through electrical discharges using ozone generators.Ozone is the most efficient and fast-acting oxidant that humans can produce.It oxidizes all bacteria, mold spores and yeasts, organic substances and viruses.It is 50 times more effective and works 3000 times faster than chlorine.


Fresh air

We specialize in professional removal of unpleasant odors that are caused by bacteria, viruses and other odor particles.We remove bad smells effectively using devices that generate high ozone levels.We ozonize air conditioning systems in cars along with refreshing their interiors, interiors of houses, apartments, offices and other rooms.High power generators effectively remove odors and sterilize surfaces in a short time. 

Ozone Cleaning vs ...

Odors produced by paints, glues, panels, carpets, insulation, wood varnishes, plastics.
Ozone eliminates hazardous compounds by breaking down the carbon ring contained in these substances.

Mushrooms and molds
They arise on the walls, on the evaporator of car air conditioning or home and office air conditioner.
Fungal causes a musty smell and spreads of fungal radicals throughout the room,
which adversely affects human and animal health. Ozone eliminates fungal radicals
and spore forms produced by fungi, leaving a clean and sterile room.

​Mites are everywhere where dust accumulates.
They are found in carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture,
blankets and plush toys for children. There can be even 2 million in the couch!
Mites cause allergies and asthma, they feed on dead and exfoliated organic matter.
Even low ozone concentration causes death of mites and prevents their reproduction.

Insects and rodents
Spiders, pharaonic ants, Prussians, cockroaches, moths and mice,
rats and other rodents do not like ozone - they leave such a room with regular ozonation.
Ozone treatment is recommended for those suffering from Arachnophobia - fear of spiders.

Ozone Cleaning vs ...

Flower pollen
Allergens contained in the pollen of grass, trees and weeds lose their undesirable properties under the influence of ozone.

Toxic chemicals
Odors produced by paints, glues, panels, rugs, insulation, wood varnish, plastics.
Ozone eliminates hazardous compounds by breaking down the carbon ring contained in these substances.

​Odors of organic and inorganic origin.
Unpleasant smell of  diesel, gasoline, cat, dog, human urine , blood, stomach contents (vomit), spilled milk ,
cigarette smoke ,wine, fermented juices, butyric acid.