Prices are final. Never hidden fees.

Never extra charges guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning:

Standard £29 per room

(1 x brushing) 

Ultra £39 per room

(3 x brushing) for extremly dirty carpets

Hallway Cleaning - £15 +       - (depending on size)

Ozone Cleaning from £39 per room 

Upholstery cleaning

£65 Sofa Cleaning + (£15 if cushions are removable)

£110 L-sectional + (£25 if cushions are removable)

*living/dining room is considered 2 rooms

Staircase £2 (per step)

Rug Cleaning from £25 - £59 (depending on size) 

*At the owner request we can move only few peace's of your light furniture.

We will not be able to move any heave furniture (wardrobes, sofas, beds, dressers, TV stands...)